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  • Never think about bad breath again!

  • Our Tongue Scraper will enhance the sense of taste by just using it for 20 seconds everyday!

  • Removes 100% of gunk buildup from your tongue. Giving back your tongue its original healthy pink color.

  • Improves your daily oral hygiene and lifestyle

  • Easy to use AND doesn't take up much space in your counter.

"..Researchers In one 2016 global study found that scraping was 90% more effective than brushing at removing odor-causing bacteria.!

                  How is Tongue Scraping benefitial?

Debris, bacteria, and dead cells can build up on your tongue 

over time this can lead to bad breath and have a negative 

impact on your overall oral health.

  • Improve your sense of taste. Older research suggests that using a tongue scraper twice daily can improve your sense of taste. Your tongue may be able to better distinguish between bitter, sweet, salty, and sour sensations.
  • Improve the appearance of your tongue. Buildup of excess debris can cause your tongue to take on a white, coated appearance. Daily scraping can help remove this coating and prevent it from returning.
  • Remove bacteria. Researchers in one 2005 studyTrusted Source found that using a tongue scraper twice a day for seven days reduced the overall incidence of Mutans streptococci and Lactobacilli bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria types are known to cause bad breath and dental decay.
  • Improve overall health. Removing bacteria is key to preventing cavities, gum disease, and other conditions affecting the mouth. Tongue scraping can help clearTrusted Source these bacteria from the mouth, improving your tongue’s appearance and overall sensation.
  • Reduce bad breath. Although tongue scraping can’t replace brushing your teeth, scraping may do some things better. Researchers in one 2016 global study found that scraping was more effective than brushing at removing odor-causing bacteria.

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Is there a warranty?

If the Fresh Hygiene Tongue Scraper Does not fully satisfy just contact us and you will have a full refund, No Questions Asked.

How does this compare to others?

We are the founders of the Fresh Hygiene Tongue Scraper. Most others you see are coming from China with not the same quality. Please make sure if you shop elsewhere you do your research.

How will this Tongue Scraper improve my oral hygiene?

PURAGLOW™ FRESH HYGIENE TONGUE SCRAPER will protect your teeth from plaque resulting in a boost of hygiene to stop insecurity once and for all. This will also create healthy gums and strong teeth- Such a great investment in your smile for the future.

How long does delivery take?

Our fulfillment partner fulfills orders within 1 business day (Mon-Fri), a timeline which does not include Weekends or Holidays. However we always do our best to deliver your product as fast as possible.

Once a package leaves our fulfillment center. We will provide you with a tracking number which you will be using to check the status of your order directly from our website.

What Others Are Saying..

"I have spent years trying to keep my tongue clean and looking healthy. I never seemed to find a product especially made for it and the teeth brusher heads made it so hard for me. Luckily this Tongue Scraper took all my stress away and now my tongue is slowly starting to look healthy again."

- Ivan Hubbard

"I've never used a tongue scraper like this before. This is life changing. Well crafted! It doesn't hurt your tongue at all and it is easy to use. It also comes in a cute little sack too. This is a must have in all house holds. Don't procrastinate. BUY IT!! 🤗 Your tongue will thank you😛😁."

- Lexi 

"Nothing's worse than brushing your teeth and realizing you still have gnarly breath. That's why tongue scraping is so helpful because a good amount of those icky smells are coming from the tongue, especially right in the back! This scraper does such a great job of getting every angle and leaving my mouth stank-free. I also don't gag awkwardly when using it, which is nice because I share a bathroom wall with my neighbors and I know they've heard me making concerning sounds in the past. Sorry, neighbor, I'm just trying to clean my horrific morning breath and causing myself annoying diaphragm pain from setting off my gag reflex in the process! Don't judge me."

- Sophia Valencia 

"I've been using different tongue scrapers for some time now, and usually with those I never feel like my tongue is entirely clean. However, once I started using the PuraGLow Tongue Scraper, I have no doubt I have scraped my tongue as it looks 100% pink afterwards. This has definitely improved the freshness of my breath and this was so easy to learn how to use that it took really no instruction at all. I will definitely keep using this tongue cleaner and recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone that I know who would love to try something like this out.."

- Lora Blick

"I didn't know I NEEDED this product until I started using it! I didn't realize how gross your tongue actually is (I had been using the weak tongue scrubbers on the back of toothbrushes) for a long time without any real results but I can definitely tell a difference after I use my tongue cleaner! I wish mint wasn't out of stock so I have the white but I highly recommend this. It doesn't take up a lot of space on your counter either and it doesn't look super disgusting consider it cleans your tongue which doesn't seem so glamorous.."

- Anthony Schutlz 

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We are a USA based company built by our loyal customers. Pura Glow is the result of many years spent of looking for some of the most fashionable and trending products around the world.