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The Ultimate Guide in Choosing a Toddler Rocking Chair

The Ultimate Guide in Choosing a Toddler Rocking Chair

First-time parents easily lose focus when trying to set up for a nursery before the arrival of their babies. But just as you think it will end when your baby starts to walk, the constant urge to buy baby stuff will continue.

Designing your toddler’s room isn’t cheap especially that you may feel the need to buy a toddler rocking chair. Rocking chairs for babies are designed for nap time. It gently swings back and forth while your baby lies back and relaxes until he or she sleeps.

Of course, there are a variety of options for a toddler rocking chair.  So we have listed some qualities that you should look for when buying. It is most important that you determine what is right for you and your little one.

Great features

Since your kid will be using the rocking chair frequently you need to make sure it has a strong and well-built frame. In fact, many moms are convinced they should buy a chair that can last for years down the road. Who knows you might have a baby no. 2 who will use the same consequently saving you some cash in the future.

Check out the wooden frames underneath all the finery. Don’t look at the price rather focus on the quality of wood. It must have a cushion and a great locking mechanism to keep your baby safe. Always read the label before you make a purchase.

Supportive cushioning

Supportive cushioning makes rocking chairs comfortable for toddlers even if they have to sit for long periods of time. A good rocking chair should have cushioned arms and a back high enough to support the baby’s head. The seat cushion must be supported by dense foam or springs. Some rocking chairs come with a lumbar support pillow which is totally a great option.

Comfy but firm seat 

Sure you definitely want your toddler rocking chair to be comfortable but make sure it isn’t very soft that your child sinks down into it. A good rocking chair should be soft but firm enough to allow your kid to easily get back up without rolling to the side. Some rocking chairs are made of removable cloth padding with minimal cushioning which also great options.  If you are on a tight budget it is okay to purchase a wooden rocking chair then you can DIY the cushion later on to ensure a perfect fit for your baby.

Wide Seat

A wide seat can be very soothing for toddlers. However, take note that the width & length of your rocking chair should correspond to the size and weight of your baby. When the rocking chair is too big for your kid, he or she may not be comfortable. Wide width may be beneficial if your baby is big or if you plan on putting some pillows side-by-side. Just be careful you don’t over-pile the pillows as they may suffocate your child.

Durable Fabric

Look for a rocking chair with high-end upholstery. A good rocking chair must be made with a woven fabric that doesn’t fray and is easy to clean. There are rocking chairs that come with removable fabric so it is easier for owners to clean them. As a bonus, you can even find colorful fabrics that will add delight to your babies and probably blend with the room.  If it works with your baby’s room’s design, you can choose between light colors and dark colors that will perfectly suit your taste and which you think your baby might like.

Less noise

You want a toddler rocking chair that doesn’t squeak when your baby rocks. Extra noise can be very disturbing and may even hamper your baby’s sleep.   Moreover, a squeaky rocking chair is often a result of loose parts. Wood squeaks due to friction when it rubs with other compositions. Check if the screws are loose and whether it can be repaired. Otherwise, you may need to look for another rocking chair that doesn’t have hair-raising sound when rocked.

Better function

When buying a toddler rocking chair, you also need to consider your floor. Some chairs will rock smoothly on the type of flooring you have. Other chairs may work better on the hardwood as opposed to a thicker carpet. The best way to know it is to look at the features or try the rocker before purchasing it. If you are buying online, make sure the bottom is sturdy and functional by checking labels and reviews. Choose a rocking that does not tilt forward too much to prevent your baby from falling. Look for age compatibility, height, and weight limit.

Built-in Baby straps

All toddler rocking chairs should have a strap to secure your youngster and make sure they don’t fall when rocked. The straps should be adjustable to ensure there is enough space for your baby.  Keep the strap snug but don’t restrict the baby’s airway. A strap will keep your baby in place so you can go anywhere without worrying that he or she may fall. It can have a calming effect on your baby. Follow instructions carefully to avoid dangerous consequences.